Frequently Asked Questions


Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover card payments.

How long before I receive my purchase?
You should receive the product(s) within 5-10 business days of placing your order. If paying by check, please allow more time for postal service and check processing.

How is the product shipped?
All shipments are sent via UPS or USPS.

What stores carry the products?
SkinHealth Technology products are primarily sold in dermatologists’ offices, on the internet, and through direct media advertising. They are not currently available in regular retail outlets.

Why isn’t the product sold in stores?
The products are new and somewhat unique. This generally requires more explanation than is available on a retail shelf. As more consumers find out about our product offerings, it is likely that they will become more widely distributed.

Can I mail you a check or a money order?
Yes. Follow the online ordering procedure, filling in the requested information fully. When you get to the payment method, indicate check or money order. This will notify us of your order and your intent to mail the payment. Please send check or money order to:

SkinHealth Technology LLC
2520 Northwinds Parkway, Suite 285
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Your order will take more time for postal service and check processing. Please be patient.

Can I expedite the order process and shipping?
At this time, expedited shipping is not available.

Can I order by calling a toll free number?
Yes, an operator will gladly take your order at 770-415-0943.

Is the product cheaper on the SkinHealth Technology website?
The products are sold at M.S.R.P. on our website. There may be special offers from time to time, including the option of buying kits for a discounted price. Other retailers selling SkinHealth products can set their own retails and may be more or less expensive than on this site.


Are the products clinically tested?
The products that contain active ingredients are clinically tested to meet the regulatory guidelines of the FDA and to substantiate any specific product claims that are made. The BruiseCare products are not regulated by the FDA, however clinical studies were conducted on them to substantiate the statements made about their effectiveness and claims made on the label.

Where are the products made?
All SkinHealth Technology products are formulated, manufactured and packaged in FDA approved facilities in the United States.

Has the product been tested on animals?
NO! Absolutely no animal testing!