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Skincare Treatments & Comprehensive Consulting Services for Startups 

Chris Co-Founded Essential Ingredients, Inc. in 1996 one of the US’s leading specialty ingredient distributors to the US


Chris ran the Business Development function for Essential Ingredients, bringing new product innovations, skincare treatments, and product lines to the company


New Product Innovations:

  • Curoxyl®: Patented micronized Benzoyl Peroxide for the acne treatment market
  • Curcylic®: Patented Salicylic Acid technology for the skin and hair care industries.

Sensor Technology Includes:

  • Sunsignals® Sensors: Adhesive patches calibrated to give consumers early warning to apply & reapply sunscreen.
  • Vitamin D Sensor: Adhesive patch calibrated to give consumers a safe way to discern that they have received enough direct sunlight for their body to produce a daily dose of Vitamin D prior to any adverse effects from the sun.

Consulting Services:

  • Product /Brand development: includes comprehensive approach to creating finished products, taking them through all customer required testing,; including stability testing, SPF testing, clinical testing, consumer testing & safety / tox testing, and market strategy to provide customers a ready-to-market product strategy.

  • Executive & Mgt Team building services: Helping Key leaders to develop best practices for: Exit Strategy, Executive and Key Mgt placement, Assessing and defining the best opportunities for existing and future leadership development

  • Innovation: The company builds technology platforms by innovating in-house and/ or acquiring technology that is relevant to the personal care & HI&I markets.
    • Patents and IP available for license or sale
    • Patent and IP development work specific to customer needs
    • Work with co-op of consultants to provide comprehensive services and support based on customer needs.

  • Business Basics 101: A simple consulting program that focuses on targeted approaches for new and startup companies to define who they are and what they want to be in the industry by helping them define their key goals & objectives and developing an execution strategy that meets their needs.

  • Sales Support: Helping customers to expand and integrate their businesses throughout the Americas.

North American and Latin American consultants providing:

Experts on developing the US, Remaining N. American and Latin American markets
Key product focuses for the specific regions of interest
Market leaders and introductions, where needed
Develop finished product formulations

Other Services - Contract Mfg:

  • Small scale, pilot batch scale up
  • Sample packaging: focuses on small runs for pilot and packaging for customer testing, trade show samples,etc.
Contract filling
Aluminum foil packets
Small bottles & tubs
5 gallon mixing vessel for small scale production runs with all current mixing and homogenizer equipment
  • Help with formulations, analytical testing, clinical testing, consumer testing
  • Provide small runs of demonstrative products / trade show samples